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Thomas A. Dorsey

Также известно как: 'Georgia Tom' Dorsey, 'Giorgia Tom' Dorsey, A. Dorsey, A. Thomas Dorsey, Borsey, Dorsay TA, Dorsey, F. A. Dorsey, Georgia Tom, Georgia Tom Dorsey, Prof. Thomas A. Dorsey, Prof. Thomas Dorsey, Rev. Dorsey, Rev. T.A. Dorsey, Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey, Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey |, Rev. Thomas Dorsey, T A Dorsey, T Dorsey, T. A. Dorsay, T. A. Dorsey, T. Dorsey, T.A. D'Orsey, T.A. Dorsey, T.A.D'orsey, T.A.Dorsey, T.D'orsay, Thomas "Georgia Tom" Dorsey, Thomas A Dorsey, Thomas Andrew Dorsey, Thomas Dorsey, Thomas/A. Dorsey, Thos. A. Dorsey, Thos. Dorsey, Tom A. Dorsey, Tom Dorsey, Tommy Dorsey
Группа в интернете: http://georgiamusicmag.com/the-life-and-legacy-of-the-rev-thomas-andrew-dorsey/

Дискография Thomas A. Dorsey:

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Born: June 1, 1899 - Villa Rica, GA Died: January 23, 1993 - Chicago, IL Piano player/songwriter best known for writing blues classic "It's Tight Like That" (1928) and gospel standards like "Precious Lord, Take My Hand" (1932). In 1932 Dorsey (better known as "Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey") completely turned to writing biblical songs. Thomas A. Dorsey got awarded with a Governor's Award For The Arts in Chicago (1985) and a Grammy\National Trustees Award (1992).

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