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Катя Чехова

Екатерина Медведева (Ekaterina Medvedeva)

Также известно как: Е. Чехова, К4, Катя Чехова 2008, Чехова Катя, Katya Chehova, Katya Chekhova
Группа в интернете: http://chehova.ru/, http://twitter.com/katyachehova, http://www.youtube.com/katyachehova, http://promodj.com/katyachehova

Дискография Катя Чехова:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Я - Робот 11 audio iTunes 2005-12-01 Uplifto Records
2 Я - Робот 48 audio iTunes 2006 Uplifto Records
3 Версия 1.0 15 audio iTunes 2007 Uplifto Records
4 Я - Робот 9 audio iTunes 2005-12-01 Uplifto Records
5 Последний Альбом 38 audio iTunes 2008-12-13 Uplifto Records
6 Вторая Жизнь 9 audio iTunes 2007 Tempstar Records
7 Солнце моё вставай 4 audio iTunes 2013-10-01 MatriXmusic

The project started off in 2005 with [a=Катя Губенко] being the singer. Already in december first album "Я Робот" was out, setting a record with 250,000 legal copies sold. It was a successful debut but nevertheless Ekaterina left the project next year starting a solo career as [a=Катя First]. From december 2006 a new singer came along, also named Elena Khryascheva. She was a protege of one of the producers - [a=Николай Лебедев]. Within two years two more albums were out together with numerous singles, available for a free download on Katya Chehova official website. This was a part of a new conception set up by two project producers - Sergey [a=Pimenov] & [a=Николай Лебедев]. 13.12.2008 the project was officially declared closed to be re-established though in january 2011 with the return of Ekaterina Medvedeva (Gubenko).

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