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Tre Cool

Frank Edwin Wright III

Также известно как: Cool, Tr'e Cool, Tré, Tré Cool, Tre, Tre', Tre' Cool
Группа в интернете: http://www.greenday.net/trecool.html

Дискография Tre Cool:

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Born December 9th, 1972 in Frankfurt, Germany. Grew up in the mountains of Northern California's Mendocino County. Tre was [a=Lawrence Livermore]'s neighbor in Mendocino and began his musical career playing drums for Livermore's Mendocino punk band, the [a=Lookouts], in 1985 at 12 years old. Tre was an active member of the Gilman Street scene, and joined [a=Green Day] as drummer after [a=Al Sobrante] left the group.

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