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Dora Maria Reis Dias de Jesus

Дискография Dora:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Easy 2 audio iTunes 1986 Discos CBS
2 Voltarei 2 audio iTunes 1988 CBS
3 Não Sejas Mau Para Mim 2 audio iTunes 1986 Dacapo
4 Déjà Vu 9 audio iTunes 1988 Discos CBS
5 You're Hurting Me 2 audio iTunes 1986 CNR Records
6 Já Dei / Lies 2 audio iTunes 1987 Discos CBS
7 Our Love / You'll Never Get Me 2 audio iTunes 1986 Discos CBS
8 You're Hurting Me / This Will Be The Last Time 2 audio iTunes 1986 Air (11)
9 You're Hurting Me 2 audio iTunes 1986 CNR Records
10 Voltarei 4 audio iTunes 1988 CBS
11 Voltarei 4 audio iTunes 1988 CBS

A family friend encouraged her to participate in the qualifying competition of the Portuguese, not Cinderella won the contest but those responsible for the selection of candidates like the competitor and asked him to defend the theme "Não Sejas Mau Para Mim" in Festival da Canção of 1986. The theme played by Dora cabou by win and this was represent Portugal in Bergen, in Norway, where it was ranked 14th place. The international version of the song includes the themes "You're Hurting Me" and "This Will Be The Last Time" It is then that in 1986 launches the Easy/themes "Seventeen" and "Our Love", and in July 1987 is released the single "already gave". Turns out to work with the in the subject "to be an artist is not Easy", and in March 1988 that wins the 1st prize of National Music, held at the Casino of Figueira da Foz, with the song "Déjà Vu". This theme was found for the end of this year's Festival, however the theme chosen to compete for the Eurovision Song Contest was "I shall return" Participates in the musical "Anyway by themselves", and this is the part that is her husband, George P. Arrives to stop the performances in part due to the honeymoon that was held in Brazil. In December 1988, replaced Dora in the play "Alone at last" .In 1990 participates in the OTI Festival, held in Las Vegas, with the song "I Agree".

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