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Midnight Syndicate

Члены группы Midnight Syndicate: Edward Douglas (2), Gavin Goszka
Группа в интернете: http://www.midnightsyndicate.com/, http://www.facebook.com/midnightsyndicate, http://www.twitter.com/midsyndicate, http://www.youtube.com/midsyndicate, http://www.legionsofthenight.com, http://rondoaward.com/rondo/about.html, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midnight_Syndicate

Дискография Midnight Syndicate:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The 13th Hour 25 audio iTunes 2005-06-07 Entity Productions
2 Dungeons & Dragons 23 audio iTunes 2003-08-12 Entity Productions
3 Realm Of Shadows 21 audio iTunes 2000 Linfaldia Records
4 The Rage - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 19 audio iTunes 2008-02-26 Entity Productions
5 Out Of The Darkness 24 audio iTunes 2006 Entity Productions
6 Halloween Music Collection 22 audio iTunes 2010-07-30 Entity Productions
7 Carnival Arcane 27 audio iTunes 2011-08-02 Entity Productions
8 Gates Of Delirium 21 audio iTunes 2001-03-03 Entity Productions
9 The Dead Matter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 26 audio iTunes 2010-07-30 Entity Productions
10 The Dark Masquerade 6 audio iTunes 2010-07-01 Entity Productions
11 Monsters Of Legend 21 audio iTunes 2013-07-19 Linfaldia Records
12 Axe Giant The Wrath Of Paul Bunyan: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 15 audio iTunes 2013-08-19 Linfaldia Records
13 A Time Forgotten 14 audio iTunes 2012-08-07 Entity Productions
14 Monsters Of Legend 21 audio iTunes 2013-07-19 Linfaldia Records

[a=Midnight Syndicate] is an American musical group that has been working mainly in the genre of gothic music since 1997 and is based out of Chardon, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland. The band refers to their CDs as "soundtracks for the imagination" or "soundtracks to imaginary films." Most of the songs on their seventeen albums are characterized by a blend of instrumental music and sound effects and are commonly used to provide atmosphere during the Halloween season, in haunted attractions, and in the role-playing game industry. The band has also composed the score to several horror films.

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