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Spencer Sundell

Также известно как: Spencer Sundel
Группа в интернете: http://www.spencersundell.com/

Дискография Spencer Sundell:

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Semi-retired musician, sound engineer, etc. Active in the Chicago experimental/industrial and alternative music scenes, 1987-1996. Founder and proprietor of the Lobe Hatch cassette label (Chicago, 1986-1992). Relocated to Seattle in 1996. Withdrew from public music making ca. 2001. Bands in Indianapolis, IN: * The Rotting Slugs (1982-1984) - punk * The Jazz Faggots (1982-1983) - experimental/improv * The Wounded Reagans (1984) - punk * Tha Paranoidz (1984-1985) - political punk * Pontius Pilate and The Naildrivers (1985) - hardcore & punk Bands in Chicago, IL (1985-1996): * The Mealwormz (1986) - improv/experimental * Stool (1986-1988) - folk/emo/noise/punk * trondant shaman (1988-1992) - experimental/noise * Solid State (1991) - industrial/experimental * Wormwood (1993-1995) - experimental/electo-acoustic * The Betsy Years (1994-1995) - art rock * Funeral Car (1995-1996) - extreme noise * Various solo performances - acoustic/folk, prepared electric guitar, noise * Miscellaneous one-off bands * Occasional guest musician with: Metnong (improv), Illusion of Safety (industrial/experimental), Maestro Subgum & The Whole (cabaret jazz) * Occasional concert promoter/producer * Occasional sound design for plays by Curious Theatre Branch and Theater of the Reconstruction. Bands in Seattle, WA (1996-2001): * Static Luxury Object (1998) - drum and basement * i8M (1999) - beats/proto-mash-up * The Wretched Bastards (2000-2001) - country/bluegrass/folk * Occasional guest musician with: Climax Golden Twins (experimental), Jabon (art rock) In addition to releases by his own bands, he also appear on releases by Climax Golden Twins, Maestro Subgum and The Whole, Illusion of Safety, and MNEMIO.

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