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Designers Republic, The

Также известно как: (miT) Designers Republic, The, ...And All Because The Lady Loves Her Designers Republic!, 20 Original Hits By The Designers Republic, A Designers Republic Stunt, A Fish Needs The Designer Republic, A Fish Needs The Designers Republic, Advance DR: 1756/63, Advanced Visual Language Systems T/A The Designers Republic, American Expressionism From The Designers Republic, Art Republic, The, By Appointment The Designers Republic Will Design The World!, Captain, What's The Designers Republic? "Bespoke Star Trek Tailoring, Scotty", Central Heating For Kids! The Designers Republic, Dawning Of The Age Of The Designers Republic, The, Decked Out In Satin Tights, Fighting For Your Rights: The Designers Republic, Design:ers Republic, The, Designer Republic Ltd, The, Designer Republic, The, Designer's Republic, The, Designers EuroRepublic, Designers Republic, Designers Republic "A Long Street, Cobbled On Either Side, With A Slim Market Cross And The Big Tower Of St Gregory's Church Facing Me" + The Design! Tuffer Than Tuff Collage By M.C. Place For D.R. Bedale Branch!, The, Designers Republic "Bingo Bobby Boo", The, Designers Republic "King Willy's Voodoo Posse", The, Designers Republic "Long Tails And Ears For Hats", The, Designers Republic "MildMeanFurryLipSquid!", The, Designers Republic (Cats Are Boring!), The, Designers Republic (Dr) Comics Inc., The, Designers Republic (One Day Everybody'll Be Computers...), The, Designers Republic (Part Of The Gin-C Group), The, Designers Republic (Peripheral Vision X 1), The, Designers Republic (Teddy Bears' Barmy Army), The, Designers Republic + Sissy™ Say Grrr...! (The Peoples Choice), The, Designers Republic - Get Ready To Rrrumble!, The, Designers Republic - Morphological Stabalization, The, Designers Republic - The Housewives' Choice, The, Designers Republic - The Tomorrow People, The, Designers Republic .com, The, Designers Republic 1995, The, Designers Republic 1996, The, Designers Republic Boxing Day Massacre, The, Designers Republic Call Quest International, The, Designers Republic Consumer Products, The, Designers Republic Dee Are Shekinah, The, Designers Republic Dive Deeper!, The, Designers Republic Dotcom, The, Designers Republic Eclectroset, The, Designers Republic Fly-Ichneumon, The, Designers Republic Interplanetary Art Patrol Save The World Again, The, Designers Republic Interplanetary Art Patrol, The, Designers Republic Is Very Gorgeous Ltd., The, Designers Republic Jungle-Rumbler, The, Designers Republic Keraion Prograam 2049, The, Designers Republic Life Is Something Special, The, Designers Republic Like Planet Rock We Just Don't Stop, The, Designers Republic Limited Graphic Design Associates CPPABB/Soyo, The, Designers Republic Love Action, The, Designers Republic Love Babies, The, Designers Republic Low Budget Operation!, The, Designers Republic Mmmmm..!, The, Designers Republic Noir, The, Designers Republic Of ISAvision, Designers Republic Of Isavision, The, Designers Republic Of Love, The, Designers Republic Of Snapdragons, The, Designers Republic On 33.3 A Technical Dream!, The, Designers Republic On A Saturday Afternoon, The, Designers Republic On The Italian Job, The, Designers Republic Phhowaaar! (+G-Man), The, Designers Republic Piezoelectric Warriors, The, Designers Republic Pistols At Dawn, The, Designers Republic Ready, Steady, Moderns!, The, Designers Republic Recognise And Respond., The, Designers Republic Research & Development, The, Designers Republic Section 1, The, Designers Republic Section 4, The, Designers Republic Sheffield Yorkshire, The, Designers Republic TechnoTribe™, The, Designers Republic Visual Dr., Designers Republic [DR] Comics Inc., The, Designers Republic, Medinaceli Abduction, The, Designers Republic, Sheffield, The, Designers Republic, Soyo, UK, The, Designers Republic, The (Milky Tea), Designers Republic, The (We Design The Weather), Designers Republic, The: Ian, Dave, Nick, Michael & Vanessa, Designers Republic, The: Masters of the Universe, Designers Republic, The: Nice One Peter!, Designers Republic, The: Numerical, Designers Republic, With A Little Help From Luc!, The, Designers Republic. 645m., The, Designers Republic... naturally, The, Designers Republic... Not Art!, The, Designers Republic/Soyo, The, Designers Republic: For Your Pleasure, The, Designers Republic: New & Used Frontiers, The, Designers Republic: Share The Journey, The, Designers Republic: Sophistication, The, Designers Republic: SuperDesign!, The, Designers Republic: The Motherchip Connection, The, Designers Republic:UK, The, Designers Republic™, The, Double Diamond Designers Republic A Rosy Look At Life, The, Double Dynamo Designers Republica, The, DR, DR™, Dukla Designers Republic, Dynamo Designers Republic, Dynamo Designers Republic Light Saber Is Mightier!, The, Dynamo Designers Republic Sheffield, Dynamo Designers Republic UK / Sheffield, El Designo Republica, Ers Republic 269-96, Everyone's Gone To The Designers Republic, Funky Designers Republic + 1, The, Future Is Made In The Designers Republic™, The, House Of The Designers Republic, House Of The Designers Republic, The, I ♥ My Designers Republic, I Love My Designers Republic, I Luv My Designers Republic, I'm Really Proud Of My Designers Republic, Today, i-luv.mi.tdr, I♥DR, I♥DR (G-Inc), If It's The Designers Republic Buy It!, If It's Wednesday, It Must Be The Designers Republic, Image In The Designers Republic, Imagine The Designers Republic, Made In The Designers Republic Of Sheffield, Soyo, England, Matching Accessories From The Designers Republic, mi/tDR, mi/tDR™, miT Designers Republic, The, Mitdesigners Republic (UK), The, Mitdesigners Republic, The, Mitdesigners Republic, The (Soyo-It's A Jungle Up There), miTDR, MITDR TM, mitDR UK'96™, miTDR, The, miTDR:TM, mitDR:UK'01™, mitDR:UK'04™, mitDR:UK'96™, MITDR:UK97™, mitDR™, miTDR™ - North Of Nowhere™, MITDR™ Creative Response Unit, Mummy, What's The Designers Republic? Happy Things, Little One, Pho-Ku Designers Republic, Power Of The Designers Republic, The, Pschychoalphadiscobetabiodesignersrepublic!, Psychoalphadiscobetabiodesignersrepublic!, Real Designers Republic, Real Designers Republic, The, Real Designers Republic... The Lieutenant Uhuru!, The, Return Power Shift Control Ltd T/A The Designers Republic, Sakkin' Frakkin' Rakkin' Designers Republic, The, Samadhi Vom Designers Republic, Schadenfreudesigners Republik 14.2, tdr, TDR:TM, Tdr:uk, TDR:UK96™, TDR™C(H—)ome/GGG Logo, The Designers Republic On The Italian Job, The Designers Republic's Ears Are Alight, The Designers Republic... Double Diamond!, TheDesignersRepublic, thedesignersrepublic.com, This Is The Designers Republic, This Is The Designerstar Republica, Ultra Divine! The Designer's Republic On The Vento-Line, Ultraworld Spacescapes Remixed In The Designers Republic, We Dig The Designers Republic, Wot A Nice Set By The Designers Republic C|A|U|S|, www.designersrepublic.com, www.thedesignersrepublic.com, [Mit]Designers Republic, The
Члены группы Designers Republic, The: David Bailey (7), Ian Anderson (8), Martin Fewell, Matt Pyke, Michael C. Place
Группа в интернете: http://www.thedesignersrepublic.com/, http://www.pho-ku.com/, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Designers_Republic

Дискография Designers Republic, The:

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The Designers Republic is a graphic design studio, founded on 14 July 1986 by Ian Anderson, and based in Sheffield, England. The studio closed in January 2009, though Anderson has stated that "[The Designers Republic] will go forward after this". In January 2010, however, Warp Records announced that the studio had designed Oversteps, Autechre's tenth album. An archive of their work is available on the 'pho-ku' website.

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