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Matti Puurtinen

Matti Veli Puurtinen

Также известно как: M. Puurtinen, M.Puurtinen

Дискография Matti Puurtinen:

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Finnish songwriter, composer, producer and conductor, born in 1949. Matti Puurtinen has written about 400-500 songs to artists like [a=Lea Laven], [a=Anita Hirvonen], [a=Reijo Kallio], [a=Kake Randelin], [a=Marion (9)] and [a=Anneli Saaristo]. Two compositions of his has been performed in the Eurovision Song Contest, [i]La Dolce Vita[/i] (1989) and [i]Tule Luo[/i] (1993). In addition, he has composed music to over 40 theater productions, including [i]Niskavuoren naiset[/i], [i]Pessi ja Illuusia[/i] and [i]Caligula[/i]. He has written music for musicals, such as [i]Suruttomat[/i] and [i]Myrskyluodon Maija[/i]. He has worked as a conductor in Turun Kaupunginteatteri (1975-1979) and in [i]Tammerkosken sillalla[/i] and [i]Thilia Thalia[/i], two popular Finnish tv-shows, among others.

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