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Dark Arts

Члены группы Dark Arts: Stephanie Payne
Группа в интернете: http://www.darkarts.net

Дискография Dark Arts:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 A Long Way From Brigadoon 5 audio iTunes 1986 Ruthless Records (2)
2 Carnival Of Lost Souls 14 audio iTunes 1991 Nate Starkman & Son

[a=Stephanie Payne] has been making music under the guise of Dark Arts since 1984. The first recording was produced and engineered by [a=Steve Albini] (best known for his bands [a=Big Black] and [a=Shellac], as well as his production work with the [a=Pixies] and [a=PJ Harvey]). [r=875480] was released on Albini’s short lived [l=Ruthless Records (2)] label in 1985. Dark Arts has been featured on many compilations, the best known being [r=1611099] issued on [l=Nate Starkman & Son] (brainchild of [a=Philip Drucker] who has been in noted bands [a=17 Pygmies] and [a=Savage Republic]). The import-only release [r=979343], produced and engineered by [a=Biff Sanders] (of [a=Ethyl Meatplow] and [a=Polar Bear]), can be found on [l=Nate Starkman & Son], and is distributed by [l=EFA]. Dark Arts has shared the stage with many diverse bands including: The [a=Cocteau Twins], [a=Big Black], [a=Urge Overkill], [a=Naked Raygun], and [a=Drowning Pool]. Stephanie enjoys working with a wide variety of musicians and instruments, which enables her to create her eclectic and other-worldly sound. Dark Arts has been favorably compared to such artists as [a=Dead Can Dance], [a=Harold Budd], [a=Roger Eno], [a=Angelo Badalamenti] and [a=Peter Gabriel]. The Dark Arts release [r=2090569] took 3 years to complete and it features the talents of [a=Julie Fowells] ([a=Geraldine Fibbers]) on violin, [a=Joyce Rooks] on cello, [a=Raul Casillas] and [a=Biff Sanders] on percussion, and the vocal talents of [a=Cheryl Russel], [a=Scotty Chapman], and [a=Stephanie Payne]. Stephanie wrote all the material and played all remaining instruments. Dark Arts is currently made up of [a=Stephanie Payne] on dulcimer, piano, percussion, flute and melodica (amongst other sound-making objects), [a=Sharon Berman] on accordion, ballophone, recorder and percussion, and Juan Wijngaard on hurdy gurdy, recorder, mouth harp, and percussion. [r=2090569] will take you on an emotional and visual journey to distant lands and mystical places.

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