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Eddy Joncoux

Eddy Joncoux

Также известно как: Eddy "JedSet" Joncoux
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/jedset, http://uness-and-jedset.com/

Дискография Eddy Joncoux:

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Parisian born House DJ and producer. He became interested in electronic music at the age of 15. As a DJ in the beginning, he played a more hard-techno sound. Two years later in 1998, his interest in the house sound increased so quickly, he decides to focus on the softer, hotter melodies of house in all it's variations: deep, soulful, funky and even lounge. These were the sounds he heard and played along side of in "Tropic Café" a deep-lounge bar-cafe located in Paris. In 2003, he made the decision to begin producing deep house material and is currently the A&R Manager of [l=SoulHeat Records].

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