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Egressy Béni

Galambos Benjámin

Также известно как: Béni Egressy, Egressy, Egressy B.

Дискография Egressy Béni:

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Born: 21 April, 1814 (Sajókazinc, Hungary) Died: 17 July, 1851 (Pest [now part of Budapest], Hungary) Egressy Béni was a Hungarian composer, librettist, translator and actor. He created a number of popular melodic compositions, including the one to [a2664890]'s patriotic poem Szózat. He also authored texts to the opera Hunyadi László by [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/702418-Ferenc-Erkel]Erkel Ferenc[/url]. He entered the stage in 1834, like his older brother Egressy Gábor, and in 1837 became a member of the national theatre in Prague. During the revolution of 1848, he took part in the fighting and became a member of the Hungarian Honvéd resistance. After the rebellion, he received amnesty and returned to the stage. Egressy was more notable for his acting rather than his compositions. Nevertheless, he composed music for "The Szózat", a famous poem by Hungarian poet Vörösmarty Mihály. The song later became the unofficial "second Hungarian national anthem", besides the Himnusz. His musical works are characterised by a wealth of melodies, having many of the attained great popularity in his homeland.

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