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Bruno Martino

Bruno Martino

Также известно как: B. Martino, B.Martino, Мартино, Marino, Martino, Orchestra Bruno Martino
Группа в интернете: http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bruno_Martino

Дискография Bruno Martino:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Il Night 12 audio iTunes 1976-06-00 Variety (2)
2 Che Peccato - Sigla Di Portobello 2 audio iTunes 1978 Ariston
3 The Best Of Bruno Martino 12 audio iTunes 1970 Ariston
4 Sabato Sera 12 audio iTunes Ariston
5 Cos'Hai Trovato In Lui 11 audio iTunes 1971 Emidisc (2)
6 Come Prima / Perry Como Sorride E Fa 2 audio iTunes His Master's Voice
7 I Remember 1947 12 audio iTunes 1974-04-00 Ariston
8 It's The Madison Time / Holly Golly Madison 2 audio iTunes 1962 La Voce Del Padrone
9 In The Night 10 audio iTunes 1977 Oxford
10 Sabato Sera / Storia Al Mare 2 audio iTunes Ariston Music
11 E La Chiamano Estate / Dimmi Che Lo Sai 2 audio iTunes 1966
12 E La Chiamano Estate / Ragazza Di Ipanema 2 audio iTunes 1965
13 Bruno Martino Story 12 audio iTunes 1972
14 Ieri Oggi E Sempre Con Amicizia 12 audio iTunes 1971 Ariston
15 Kiss Me, Kiss Me 2 audio iTunes 1976 Ariston
16 I Remember 1940 12 audio iTunes 1972-11-00
17 Love Me! Love Me! 2 audio iTunes 1960 La Voce Del Padrone
18 Il Nostro Concerto (Due Vite E Un Pianoforte) 17 audio iTunes 1993-11-00 Ariston
19 Kiss Me, Kiss Me 2 audio iTunes 1960-01-19 Electrola
20 I Grandi Successi Di Bruno Martino 12 audio iTunes 1959 La Voce Del Padrone
21 Night Games 10 audio iTunes 1978 Ariston
22 Ci Rivedremo / Giorni Di Sole 3 audio iTunes Ariston
23 Raccontami Di Te 2 audio iTunes 1973 Ariston
24 I Successi Di Bruno Martino 10 audio iTunes 1976 Oxford
25 Night Club 16 audio iTunes BMG
26 I Grandi Successi Di Bruno Martino 16 audio iTunes Disky
27 I Grandi Successi Originali 24 audio iTunes BMG
28 Innamorarsi Mai 14 audio iTunes Replay Music (2)
29 I Remember 1945 12 audio iTunes Oxford
30 Baciami Per Domani 2 audio iTunes Ariston
31 Raccontami Di Te 2 audio iTunes 1973 Ariston
32 I Remember 1947 12 audio iTunes 1979 Oxford
33 I Remember 1940 12 audio iTunes 1977 Oxford
34 I Re Del Night 12 audio iTunes 1973-07-00
35 Lasciamo Che Sia Il Tempo ... 10 audio iTunes 1991 Ariston
36 Dedicato A Te 10 audio iTunes Ariston Records
37 Cerco Un Amore Per L'Estate 2 audio iTunes 1968 Ariston
38 Roma Nun Fa La Stupida (Dalla Commedia Musicale Rugantino) 2 audio iTunes 1963 La Voce Del Padrone
39 Estate 12 audio iTunes Replay Music (2)
40 Cos'Hai Trovato In Lui / Forse 2 audio iTunes 1963 La Voce Del Padrone
41 Made In Italy Vol.15 14 audio iTunes 1988 Ariston
42 Marina / Non Partir 2 audio iTunes 1960 His Master's Voice
43 Quando Ascolto Nat King Cole 4 audio iTunes La Voce Del Padrone
44 Bruno Martino 14 audio iTunes 1963 La Voce Del Padrone
45 Arrivederci/ Guarda Che Luna! 4 audio iTunes Skandinavisk Grammophon Aktieselskab
46 Baciami Per Domani 2 audio iTunes 1965 Ariston
47 Soli Tra La Gente - Ora 4 audio iTunes Ariston

Italian composer, pianist, singer (Rome, November 11, 1925 - † June 12, 2000). His debut as a jazz piano player was already in 1940, when he was only fifteen, playing, in secret, in a student jazz little orchestra. In 1944 he joined RAI, as a piano player for [a=Piero Piccioni]'s Orchestra. Then he gained great success abroad, particularly in Northern Europe, experimenting with a mix of jazz, Neapolitan songs and his own pieces. Fortified by gained consents, when he came back to Italy in 1958, composed songs for [a=Caterina Valente], [a=Renato Rascel] e [a=Wilma De Angelis]. A fortuitous event launched him also as an interpreter, when he replaced his orchestra's singer. Among his pieces they became famous: [i]Estate, E la Chiamano Estate, Sono Stanco, Sabato Sera, Che Sarà di Noi, Kiss Me Kiss Me, Nel Duemila, Prova a Darmi un Bacio, Quando un Giorno, Cos'hai Trovato in Lui, Baciami per Domani, Ma Tu Chi Sei[/i] and many others; several are the pearls written but still unknown. There isn't a player of jazz in the world who has not executed once in his life [i]Estate[/i], a longing piece carried to international fame by Brazilian guitar player [a=João Gilberto], who discovered it during an Italian tour, re-arranged it in a "bossa" version and made it a standard, today one of the most executed. Its most famous versions are by [a=Chet Baker], [a=Toots Thielemans], [a=Michel Petrucciani], [a=Mike Stern]; among the Italians who interpreted [i]Estate[/i] there are [a=Mina (3)], [a=Mia Martini], [a=Ornella Vanoni], [a=Vinicio Capossela], [a=La Crus], [a=Irene Grandi] and [a=Sergio Cammariere]. He took part to one only [i]Festival di Sanremo[/i], in 1961, with the song è João Gilberto [i]A.A.A. Adorabile Cercasi[/i], together with [a=Jula De Palma], not reaching however the final. His repertoire was also interpreted by [a=Fred Bongusto], [a=Peppino Di Capri] and [a=Franco Califano]. On November 1993, since 9th until 28th, at Teatro Flaiano in Rome he gave 20 piano concert nights together with [a=Umberto Bindi]. Never forgotten by the audience either after the end of his golden age, he died at the age of 74. Bruno Martino had two sons, Walter and Gloria. [a=Walter Martino] is a famous composer, arranger, drummer and percussionist, well known to be one of the composers of the piece [i]Profondo Rosso[/i] and to have played drums for some Italian historical rock bands like [a=Goblin], [a=Libra (6)], [a=Banco del Mutuo Soccorso], [a=Carnascialia]. He collaborated with Mina, Zero, Baglioni, Bertè, Venditti, Gaetano, Mannoia, Sorrenti, Gazzelloni and many others. Bruno's second wife, [a=Fiorelisa Calcagno], is lyrics author for many songs of his; Calcagno's son is Adriano Martino (alias Adriano Pratesi), esteemed guitarist.

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