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Jindřich Brejcha

Jindřich Brejcha

Также известно как: Brecha, J, Jindra Brejcha, Jindra [Noize Punishment], Jindrich Brejcha

Дискография Jindřich Brejcha:

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Jindřich Brejcha (Czech Republic) has been producing electronic music since 1998, when he started a project called Desert Storm Breakcore Squad with his friend JayB. They produced a quite unusual mixture of hardcore techno and jungle, because he had a hardcore/speedcore background and Jay was more into jungle. Later on he bought his own PC and started making music by himself under the Noize Punishment moniker. He always liked grindcore, punk or metal and he guess this influence is traceable on his tracks. Among the biggest influences he would count are Alec Empire and Atari Teenage Riot, Mathis Mootz (Panacea), Bombardier. With support from Christoph Winkler he has played live at Fuckparade in Berlin, Germany with Venetian Snares, Scud and Panacea. He has played three times in Berlin later, two gigs in London, several times in Prague, in Dresden. He has released music through these labels: Dyslexic Responses (USA), KoolPop (Germany), Hardliner Recordings (CZE), Hardt?de.fakte (Germany), Death Sucker Records (UK), Digicore Far East (Singapore), Invasion Wreck Chords (Belarus), Aklass Records (New Zealand), Formosan Records (Germany), Mego Records (Germany), and now, D-Trash Records (Canada). He is producing under 4 pseudonyms, each for a different kind of extreme music: Noize Punishment being for digital hardcore and punk breakcore, Unsane Virusez for hardcore dnb with MC, Forbidden Society for dark dnb/techstep and Mental Output for total sound annihilation. He is running Hardliner Recordings with his college and friend JayB. They want to release breakcore and fierce dnb… not only their own tracks, of course, but also of other producers.

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