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Cheb Zahouani

Cherchab Mohamed

Также известно как: Chab Zehouani, Cheb Zehouani, Zahouani, Zehouani

Дискография Cheb Zahouani:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Saratli 6 audio iTunes Sedicav Production
2 Malade Mentale 9 audio iTunes 2002 Fassiphone
3 Ya Zina 10 audio iTunes Fassiphone
4 Fatima 11 audio iTunes 1998 Blue Silver
5 Hada Hali 6 audio iTunes 2006 Soli-Cadic
6 Karhi Karhi 12 audio iTunes Edition Yamani
7 Samra 9 audio iTunes 1989 MCPE
8 Fatima 11 audio iTunes 1996 Créon Music
9 Ya Mimouna 6 audio iTunes Autre Monde
10 Tahet Zitouna 8 audio iTunes D'évasion
11 Entia S'babi 8 audio iTunes MCPE
12 Raï 6 audio iTunes Sigma Production
13 Ha L'Guaila 6 audio iTunes Edition Dixishop
14 Mahhani Mahhani 6 audio iTunes 2000 Fassiphone
15 L'Heureux 9 audio iTunes 1990 Celluloid
16 Bkit Ali 6 audio iTunes Edition Boualem
17 Ragdate Fi R'mal 6 audio iTunes Edition Mona Phone
18 Allah Ychafik Sahbi 6 audio iTunes Edition Yamani
19 Ya Zina 6 audio iTunes 1999 Fassiphone
20 Dir Seba 6 audio iTunes Africa Edition
21 Compilation 13 audio iTunes Music Du Bled
22 L'Heureux 9 audio iTunes 1990 Celluloid
23 Deba Deba 6 audio iTunes Lazer Productions
24 Zide Serbi 6 audio iTunes Edition Anwar
25 Samra Ou Bahiya 6 audio iTunes MCP (5)
26 Aloua 6 audio iTunes Edition Esaada
27 Zid Serbi 11 audio iTunes
28 L'Heureux 9 audio iTunes 1987 MCPE

الشاب الزهواني / Cheb Zahouani (born 1960) is an Algerian rai singer and musician. Cheb 'Zehwani' ('The young happy' in Arabic) takes his inspiration from the Moroccan traditional music. First an Accordionist with [a=Khaled], he builds his reputation in the middle of the 80's in duets with [a=Chaba Zahouania] with successes like 'Ya Zint'Smya' and 'Mahhani Mahhani' on the famous label Disco Maghreb. During spring 1988, he suddenly surfaced on the international Raï scene with his blasphemous hit during Ramadan (religious month for the muslims), 'Moul El Bar' (The Barman in Oran), which propels him as a revelation of Raï and as a star in Morocco.

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