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Terry & The Lovemen

Также известно как: Terry
Члены группы Terry & The Lovemen: Andy Partridge, Colin Moulding, Dave Gregory
Группа в интернете: http://xtc.wikia.com/wiki/The_Good_Things, http://xtc.wikia.com/wiki/Terry_%26_the_Lovemen

Дискография Terry & The Lovemen:

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Terry & the Lovemen was a pseudonym employed by XTC for the track "The Good Things," a contribution to their own tribute album, A Testimonial Dinner: The Songs of XTC. The name originated from the early stages of XTC's life where it was one of the original names planned for the band, but drummer Terry Chambers objected. It was also a working title for the 1980 album Black Sea. Andy Partridge : “Terry and the Lovemen . . . are a group of fellows from Wiltshire and one from Liverpool, who are besotted with XTC. They just seem to take the band's career as a template to live by, (sounds unhealthy to me!) You've got to admit they do a pretty good job on the ‘sounds-alike’ scale. Their singer does a passable Colin and even manages to sound not unlike Dave and Andy in other places (weird). With dedication to duty like this, how could David Yazbek have refused them a place on the album. I hear they took their name from an ad in Japan for our album Black Sea. [The Japanese] jumped the gun and advertised it under the name of one of our ‘in’ jokes at the time, which was calling the record Terry and the Lovemen.”

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