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Jonathan Polak

Группа в интернете: http://www.mid-town.nl

Дискография Prolaxx:

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Prolaxx, real name Jonathan Polak, was born on March 25 1986 in Zwolle. Around the age of 8 he started listening to hardcore and was immediately fascinated by the raw sounds and hard kicks of this genre. Determined to do more with hardcore than just listening to it, but without the funds to obtain equipment at this young age, he could do nothing more but wait for his right moment. This moment came at his 16th birthday when his mother got him a home cd mixer. Spending all the time he could practicing, and buying decks and a mixer not long after, Prolaxx obtained a 2nd place at a dj-contest. This opened doors for more bookings. Prolaxx met Pascal Jansen ( Outrage ) at one these bookings. Staying in touch afterwards, Jonathan and Pascal became friends. Outrage got Prolaxx interested in producing and Prolaxx would often send snippets of tracks so that Outrage could monitor his progress and give tips. After a while, they joined forces and produced #59 on the Terror Traxx imprint. Getting the hang of it after this personal milestone, Prolaxx now proudly presents Terror Traxx 60: Murder You.

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