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Robert Colby (2)

Также известно как: B. Colby, Colby, Croma, R. Colby, Robert Colby

Дискография Robert Colby (2):

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Composer, pop music and theatre producer and publisher of popular music. Educated as a composer at the University of Mississippi and the Juilliard School, Mr. Colby wrote songs that were recorded by Barbra Streisand, Teresa Brewer, Ella Fitzgerald, Nancy Wilson, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme, Maurice Chevalier and others. In 1968, Mr. Colby produced the Paul Mauriat Orchestra recording of ''Love Is Blue,'' an international hit that was one of many titles published by his company, the Croma Music Company. Died: March 10, 1987 of cancer at the age of 64.

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