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Gemini (20)

Thabiso Mofokeng

Дискография Gemini (20):

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South African hip-hop MC and producer, born June 17, 1980, from Gugulethu on the Cape Flats. Starting his music production career in Cape Town with the indie-release, "Demolition: The MeStory", with [a=Groundworks], Gemini earned a reputation for his ruff-edged soundscapes before his move to Johannesburg. He had since joined a group called [a106756] as both a producer and a rapper and was responsible for regional hits like "Taxi Wars" which won him a South African Hip-Hop Award for Best Produced Track and "8-3-1 (I Love You)" featured on the critically acclaimed "Yizo-Yizo 3" television series soundtrack. Not one to stick to a certain style for too long, Gemini's sound can be recognised with that signature gruff he adds in all his beats.

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