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Jim Stanton

James Hobart "Hobie" Stanton

Дискография Jim Stanton:

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Jim Stanton (b. April 4, 1919 d. July 15, 1989) Southeastern United States Engineer from West Columbia, South Carolina, USA. Worked primarily at [l=United Recording Studios, West Columbia, SC] and [l=United Music World] in West Columbia, South Carolina USA, and later in Tennessee, doing a lot of work for [l=Champ Records (7)]. Jim also did work on releases on the [l=Rich-R-Tone] label. Some sources indicate that he owned the record labels [l=Champ Records (7)] and [l=Rich-R-Tone]. He may have also owned [l=United Records (13)] and the recording studios assocaited with all of the record labels referenced above.

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