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Thy Catafalque

Tamás Kátai

Члены группы Thy Catafalque: János Juhász, Tamás Kátai
Группа в интернете: http://www.facebook.com/thycatafalque, http://www.reverbnation.com/thycatafalque, http://thycatafalque.bandcamp.com

Дискография Thy Catafalque:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Microcosmos 10 audio iTunes 2001 KaOtic Productions
2 Róka Hasa Rádió 9 audio iTunes 2009-05-14 Epidemie Records
3 Sublunary Tragedies 7 audio iTunes 1999 KaOtic Productions
4 Róka Hasa Rádió 9 audio iTunes 2009-11-16 Soyuz Music
5 Tűnő Idő Tárlat 8 audio iTunes 2010-06-23 Epidemie Records
6 Rengeteg 10 audio iTunes 2011-11-11 Season Of Mist
7 Tűnő Idő Tárlat 8 audio iTunes 2013-03-20 Blood Music (2)
8 Róka Hasa Rádió 9 audio iTunes 2013-03-20 Blood Music (2)
9 Rengeteg 14 audio iTunes 2013-03-20 Blood Music (2)
10 Rengeteg 10 audio iTunes 2011 Season Of Mist
11 Rengeteg 10 audio iTunes 2011 Season Of Mist
12 Róka Hasa Rádió 9 audio iTunes 2009 Epidemie Records

[a977689] were born in 1998 in Makó, a small town of Hungary playing traditional, epic black metal by [a821010] ([a1173125]) and [a980689]. Just after their first and only demo [l153014] decided to release their first album in 1999 entitled [r=1787865], followed by the second record [r=1421336] in 2001. Throughout the passing years the music became more and more experimental with deep touches of electronic and folklorish influences feeding from their homeland in Central Europe. Meanwhile [l153014] ceased to exist, so the third album [r=1152245] (An Exhibition of Vanishing Time) came to sunlight as a self-financed production in 2004. By this time lyrics turned to Hungarian and music turned out to be the most diverse and colourful experimentum coming out from the band. Cosmic music from micro to macro, from matter to spirit and then back into ashes. This world is about to be painted by more vivid colours in [r=1786365] released by [l28130]. The main concept behind the album is the relationship between the ever evolving, solid and massive physical matter and the fragileness of human and all living spirits throughout distant childhood memories and scientific explanations of nature. In 2009 [r=2229425] was licensed by [l37182] for distribution in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. After 6 years, in 2010 [r=2322970] was re-released in digipak CD format by [l28130] without any remastering. In 2011 [l28130] re-released [r=1786365] in jewel-case format. [a980689] had left the band before the album "Rengeteg" was written and recorded.

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