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Antônio Carlos Ferreira Brito

Также известно как: Antônio Carlos Ferreira Brito, Antonio Carlos Ferreira De Brito
Группа в интернете: http://www.releituras.com/cacaso_menu.asp, http://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ant%C3%B4nio_Carlos_de_Brito

Дискография Cacaso:

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Born 13th. March 1944; died 27th. December 1987 Cacaso was born in Uberaba (MG), on March 13, 1944. With great talent for drawing, he already won at the age of 12 a full page newspaper because of his caricatures of politicians. Before the age of 20 he became to a poetry through letters of sambas that put in music from friends like Elton Medeiros and Mauritius Tapajos. His first book, "The word cerzida", was launched in 1967. They were followed by "school group" (1974), "Kiss in the mouth" (1975), "Second Class" (1975), "In string bamba" (1978) and "Sea of mining (1982). His books not only the combativas revealed one of the most creative and voices of those years of dictatorship and desbunde, and helped giving visibility and respectability to the phenomenon of "marginal poetry," in which militavam, directly or indirectly, friends like Francisco Alvim, Helena Buarque de Hollanda, Ana Cristina Cezar, Charles, Chacal, Geraldinho Carneiro, Zuca Sardhan and others. In the field of music, friends / partners occurred frequently in the same proportion: Edu Lobo, Tom Jobim, Sueli Costa, Claudio Nucci, Novelli, Nelson Angelo, Joyce, Toninho Horta , Francis Hime, Sivuca, Joao Donato and many more. In 1985 came the anthology published by Editora Brasiliense, "Kiss in the mouth and other poems."

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