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Brother (4)

Paul Donald

Группа в интернете: https://soundcloud.com/brother, http://www.myspace.com/brotherdnb

Дискография Brother (4):

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Equilibrium / Blue Notes 2 audio iTunes 2008-03-25 Industry Recordings
2 Grace / Little Child 2 audio iTunes 2008-04-02
3 Make A Life / Junction 2 audio iTunes 2008-04-17 Influence Records (2)
4 Grace / Little Child 2 audio iTunes 2008-05-16
5 Do The Right Thing / It's Your Jazz 2 audio iTunes 2008-06-23 Fokuz Recordings
6 Equilibrium / Blue Notes 2 audio iTunes 2008-06-09 Industry Recordings
7 Hidden Depths 8 audio iTunes 2009-07-06 Fokuz Recordings
8 Hidden Depths 21 audio iTunes 2009-09-08 Fokuz Recordings
9 Hidden Depth Album Sampler 2 audio iTunes 2009-07-27 Fokuz Recordings
10 Hidden Depths 21 audio iTunes 2009-07-06 Fokuz Recordings
11 Night On Earth / When I Remember 2 audio iTunes 2010-09-00 Fokuz Recordings
12 Just Say Dub / Deep Thread 2 audio iTunes 2009-07-13 Fokuz Recordings
13 Manna / This Morning 2 audio iTunes 2012-04-09 Fokuz Recordings
14 Rough Man / Humble Tone 2 audio iTunes 2013-07-29 Soul Rebel Recordings
15 Still Blue (Command Strange & Intelligent Manners Remix) / Knights Like These 2 audio iTunes 2013 Celsius Recordings
16 Cold Shoulder 34 audio iTunes 2013-10-11
17 Cold Shoulder 27 audio iTunes 2013-10-07 Fokuz Recordings

Drum & Bass producer and DJ from Rochford / Essex, Britain (UK) Although relatively new to working with software and sequencers, Brother has several years experience in music making, writing songs and performing in bands, both live and recorded. From being influenced by the likes of The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, it wasn’t until around 1997, and the Reprazent album ‘New Forms’ that the drum and bass bug first bit Brother. This was the beginning of a totally new kind of sound that opened up a wholy different environment, culture and way of life, one that would influence Brother significantly. It was at this time that he, along with two friends, formed a live drum and bass band, focusing on the heavier side of the genre, with performances at several gigs around London and Essex. Realising the physical and technical restraints of a live band, Brother decided to pursue a more independent path. Taking his inspiration from the new soulful liquid drum and bass sounds of artists such as Calibre and Marcus Intalex, as well as old jazz, funk and blues, he has developed a sound that is true to his eclectic musical tastes. If asked what his sound was, he may have difficulty in pinning it down, maybe a little melancholic, maybe uplifting, but always distinctive.

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