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Andy Budge

Группа в интернете: http://andybass.t83.net/

Дискография Andy Budge:

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Andy is currently enjoying his role as the bass player in The Cary Grace Band. Andy started his career as a co-founder of Bristol Funk legends MauveLaBiche with JJ Garden. The band have done 3 gigs with 3 different drummers and released 4 cds in 17 years. They are not the hardest working band in show business. JJ has since found world-wide fame and #1 single and album releases with his new band. MauveLaBiche will never ever really split up and most recently spent some time in the studio in the Spring of 2006. In 1997 Andy hooked up with established Bristol Indie-Rockers The Glowbuzzers. Andy, Dave Rob and Matt energetically toured for 2 years in the UK and western Europe. Andy was called up for a tour of duty with Bristol's favourite covers band The Cheese Police in 1999. Initially hired to fill in for one gig, Andy stayed with the band for 6 years playing dates all over England. The band's innovative approach to the traditional covers gig made them a much loved fixture on the Bristol party scene. In 1999 Andy was a founding member of SubRosa. Co-writing 4 cds in 2 years the song-writing duo of Andy and Pete Taylor led the band to local success in their two year history. 2006 saw the formation of Baddmash. Hooking up with Pete Taylor again after 4 years, Andy's songwriting reached new levels of creativity with the band releasing 2 cds in their 8 months together. A new, bass-driven, funk-orientated approach to hard rock, driven by a rhythm section capable of propelling the band into outer space should have seen more success, but the band imploded in February 2007. Pete's charismatic folk songs have since brought him some much-deserved press attention while power-house drummer Mark Lilley looks set to make it big with Rhetoric and Sheafson. Andy has also continued writing and producing solo material for the last 5 years under the name of MLB Productions. spanning genres from breakbeat throught to funk-rock Andy's solo material is always interesting, innovative and individual.

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