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Bach Gammon

Vittorio Bacchetta

Также известно как: Bach Gammon By Victor Bach

Дискография Bach Gammon:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Naples In Discoteque 24 audio iTunes 1978 Ariston
2 Mister Mandarino / 'S Easy (Chiove) + Gammon-In-Out 2 audio iTunes 1978 Ariston

Italian pianist, conductor, arranger, composer (born Aug. 19, 1937, Pizzighettone, Cremona), plays in RAI TV Orchestra where quickly becomes the director. At the same time is playing in various jazz groups. In 1967 founds quartet [i]I Cabala[/i] (with [a=Sammy Barbot] singer & guitarist). Two years later, 1969 at [i]La Mecca Dancing[/i], Rimini [a=Carlo Alberto Rossi] remains fascinated by his mastery at the Hammond and releases soon 2 lps: [i]Sensations in the Swing[/i] and [i]The Monster[/i], both on [l=Car Juke Box]. Then, in the 1970 releases [i]Sensations in Underground[/i] on his [l=Fonorama]. After yet presents him to his brother [a=Alfredo Rossi], publisher and owner of [l=Ariston Records] for which he records many albums, in the first of those [i]Organ & Piano[/i] there is [a=Tullio De Piscopo] on drums. Arranger with a rich harmonic and stylistic research, often uses the pseudonym of [a=Victor Bach].

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