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David Laine

David Hedlund

Группа в интернете: http://www.davidlaine.com, http://www.myspace.com/alphadave

Дискография David Laine:

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David was born the 1st of October 1987 in the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm. Through out his entire childhood, all his intrests has revolved around creating. At first it was all about drawing picutres, comics etc . But after the years went by and technology became more and more commmon, his intrests for engineering started to evolve. He spent most of his days as a kid on his room or in the family garage, building all sorts of machines. At 5th grade, he got in touch with true electronic music for the first time at a friends place. Since this was the mid 90's, the hardcore era was at it's peak. He got hold of several Thunderdome compilations wich he hammered day and night. Apart from the hardcore music, he was also greatly into the major Swedish Euro House / Trance group "Antiloop" and Richi M who both were very popular in Sweden at the time. In the middle of Junor High, he got in touch with the dutch trance music thanks to a class mate's Goliath-compilation CD's and a mix-cd mixed by Ferry Corsten. From this point, David was hooked on Trance till this day. David had played around with Fruity Loops from time to time, just for fun from 6th to 8th grade, becoming more and more intrested in the art of producing music. In the 9th grade of Junior High, he bought himself the Swedish-made program, Propellerheads Reason 2.5. From this point his intrestest for music production reached new heights. He slowly began spending most of his spare time, trying to evolve his music. Ever since then, his love for music production has been with him, and has become his true passion in life. At High School, David began to study Sound Technology at the famous music High School in Stockholm, called 'Rytmus'. Trough out his High School years, he began working more and more with Steinberg Cubase SX 2.0 together with hardware synthesizers, trying to acchieve a greater sound. During his High School education he studied music theory for 3 years. He also took classical piano lessons as well as rock and blues piano lessons for 2 years. After graduating from High-School, it took about 5 months before he got his first contact with labels. Now, 2 years, and numerous releases later.. David's dedication and love for electronic dance music is here to stay, and is growing for everyday.. Note: Nowdays his last name is 'Hedlund', but it was 'Laine' till the age of 6 when his parrents got married. 'Laine' is Finish, and means "Wave".

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