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Также известно как: Ensemble Sonnerie, Trio Sonnerie
Члены группы Sonnerie: Bruce Dickey, Doron David Sherwin, Elizabeth Kenny, Emilia Benjamin, Erin Headley, Frances Eustace, Garry Cooper, Gary Cooper (2), James Johnstone (3), Katherine McGillivray, Mitzi Meyerson, Monica Huggett, Pavlo Beznosiuk, Sarah Cunningham, Siobhán Armstrong, Stephen Saunders
Группа в интернете: http://www.sonnerie.org.uk/

Дискография Sonnerie:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Baroque Recorder Concertos 24 audio iTunes 2004 Linn Records
2 4 Paris Quartets 24 audio iTunes 1995 Virgin Veritas
3 Paris Quartets 23 audio iTunes 1991 Virgin Veritas
4 6 Paris Quartets 43 audio iTunes 2000 Virgin Veritas
5 Sonates For Violin And Basso Continuo 15 audio iTunes 1984 ASV
6 Sonatas 32 audio iTunes 2007 Virgin Veritas
7 Sonates 30 audio iTunes 1996 Virgin Veritas
8 'A Gift Of Nature' (English Chamber Music Of The 17th Century) 22 audio iTunes 1993 Teldec Classics
9 Violin Sonatas Op.5 64 audio iTunes 1994 Virgin Veritas
10 English Chamber Music Of The 17th Century 22 audio iTunes 2003 Apex

Ensemble formed in 1982 as a trio of violin ([a960940]), viola da gamba ([a837437]) and harpsichord ([a2020806]) specializing in baroque chamber music, it evolved into a more flexible group, allowing it to perform repertoire such as Bach cantatas and concerti, and extend its limits to classical, even early romantic composers. It has now returned to the trio format with [a960940] (director and violin), [a1014631] (viola da gamba) and [a867825] (harpsichord).

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