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Mircea Presel

Mircea Presel

Также известно как: M. "X-Mann" Presel, M. ''X-Mann'' Presel, M. ‚‚X-Mann’’ Presel, M. Presel, Mircea "X-Mann" Presel
Группа в интернете: http://www.preselmircea.com, http://www.facebook.com/MirceaPresel, http://twitter.com/preselmircea

Дискография Mircea Presel:

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Romanian songwriter, producer, remixer & manager aka X-Mann acting PRO since 1995. Born on December 12, 1974 in București, România. ... as one of the fathers of Romanian dance music scene, he co-started the Romanian Dance Revolution in 1996 with his friends & partners: Daniel "Boonker" Alexandrescu & Radu "Loop Phoenix" Fornea (under the name of "Proiect K1", a.k.a "Project K1", now simple "K1"), releasing on 26.06.1996 the first ever Romanian dance compilation branded "Techno Dance Party - Made in Romania - v.1" (followed by another 4 volumes till 1999) ... is one of the most versatile men in Romanian modern music with over 18 years of step-by-step-builded experience in music business as: Music Producer ... Executive Producer ... A&R Manager, ... Songwriter (Composer, Lyricist, Arranger) ... DJ/ReMiXer ... Studio Technician (Mixing & Mastering Engineer) ... Performing Artist ... Tour Manager ... Counselor/Adviser ... Solutions Provider & Promotion Strategist (Music Industry & General Business targeted) ... Voice Over ... Charismatic Actor ... Party DJ & Photographer ... his innovative mind co-leaded to the creation of the etno-dance & etno-techno-legend genres (a mix of Romanian folklore with modern music grooves, mostly pop-dance & electronic/house grooves) ... he entitle himself as a r3b3l creator who likes to broke limits of creativity ...

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