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Radu Fornea

Radu Fornea

Также известно как: R. Fornea, Radu "Look Phoenix" Fornea
Группа в интернете: http://raduf.wordpress.com/

Дискография Radu Fornea:

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Born on 30 December 1975 in Bucharest, Radu Fornea is one of those who formed the band became a pioneering Proiect of K1 techno-dance movement in Romania. He start New Generation Foundation, which sponsors groups such as [a1039766], [a1039765], MB & C, U-Nite, [a1039763], etc.. Proiect K1 band becomes more interesting at a time for taking big hits from Phoenix. "Fata Verde (Green Girl)" was aired extensively in clubs and discos of the 2000's with the reopening. Since 1998, the band changed its name to [a1064134] [a1064134] is now comprised of Radu Fornea, Mircea Aleandrescu and Daniel Pressel.

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