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Tony Gyselinck

Также известно как: Gyselinck, Tony Ghyselinck
Группа в интернете: http://www.jazzinbelgium.com/person/id=179?lang=nl

Дискография Tony Gyselinck:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Fortune Cookie 8 audio iTunes 2010-10-06 Munich Records
2 Live @ Radio 1 6 audio iTunes 2011-04-16 musicmaniarecords
3 Boots & Bitches 3 audio iTunes 2010 Munich Records
4 De Suite Van De Eeuw 8 audio iTunes 1999-12-00 Stad Turnhout

Belgian Drummer Tony Gyselinck studied music theory, music history and percussion at the Koninklijke Muziek Conservatorium in Ghent. Played In 1974 in "kleinkunstmiddens" with e.g. [a523885], [a612256] en [a457641]. Also toured some time with [a283019] and [a296484] In 1981 he became the drummer of the BRT Jazz Orkest with conductor [a1124552] until the dissolution of the orchestra in 1991. He performed with a lot of great names of Jazz, Variété and the rockscene, e.g. with: [a1306558] with the brothers [a318969] and [a525497], [a478794], [a1049440], Roger VAN HA, [a252745], [a120623], Rick TAYLOR, Pete KING, Greetje KAUFELD, Ima SUMAC, [a2066566] KWATCHTET; [a285727], [a458065], [a18121], [a489197], [a200783] Eddy DANIELS en the [a863254], [a2406983], [a1009566], [a296173], [a235641], [a464230], [a1702208], [a985964], [a1487457], [a1352286] LUV ORCHESTRA, [a27203], Jan MUES, [a1319003], [a278948], [a535336] en [a726945]… He played concerts with many of these for television stations BRTN-VRT, VARA and the French A2. Also toured in Europa, Japan, China… He is also a guest lecturer at the Koninklijk Muziek Conservatorium of Antwerp.

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