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Albrecht Marcuse

Friedel Albrecht Marcuse

Также известно как: A. Marcus, A. Marcuse, Albert Marcuse, Marbot, Marcuse
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Дискография Albrecht Marcuse:

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Born on May, 28th 1906 in Breslau (then called Wroclaw), Germany, died August, 22th 1974 in Cannes, France. Lawyer, author, composer and music publisher, he left Gemany in 1932, first to Paris, and then, due to being in danger as a Jew, joined the Foreign Legion in 1939. He lived under cover of his already previously used writer pseudonym [a=Rolf Marbot] in Lyon from 1940 to 1945. After the war he returned to Paris and led the publishing company Nouvelles Éditions Méridian for mainly French and Latin-American Schlager music and the repertoire of the 1920s. He also had a joint venture with the American publisher [a=Ralph Peer] to exchange parts of their catalogs.

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