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Black Azria

Timothy B. Lowrie

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/blackazriamurder

Дискография Black Azria:

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Timothy (Tim) was a former guitarist for mainstream act, Not Worth Mentioning and Random Thought, taking the name "Black Azria". He was a band member for Random Thoughts almost two months and in Not Worth Mentioning for two years, until he decided to move on from a mainstream act into a solo metal act, forcing the original Random Thoughts to continue as An Unlikely Paradox as Christian Macke and Greg Acampora replacing Royster and Lowrie. Lowrie, however was not satisfied in NWM. In Summer 2007, he officially parted from NWM and decided to continue a solo metal act. In Spring 2008, Tim, Royster, and Not Worth Mentioning bassist, Nicholas Brown formed a new metal act called "Silent Asylum" adding other members to perfect the metal sound Lowrie had much anticipated for years before.

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