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Isaac Junkie


Группа в интернете: http://myspace.com/isaacjunkieoficial

Дискография Isaac Junkie:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Reconstruction 21 audio iTunes 2008 Mucha Mas Música
2 Best Of 1998-2011 19 audio iTunes 2013 A Different Drum
3 Talking About Love 16 audio iTunes 2007 Universal
4 Remixes Of The Soul 2.0 10 audio iTunes 2004 Noise Kontrol
5 Vintage Noise 12 audio iTunes 2004 Noise Kontrol
6 Breathing Love (Remixed) 9 audio iTunes 2013-12-16 Isaac Junkie Records
7 Open Your Eyes 10 audio iTunes 2008-07-01 Isaac Junkie Records
8 Amalia (Remixed) 13 audio iTunes 2011-07-01 Isaac Junkie Records
9 I'm Lost In You (Remixed) 6 audio iTunes 2006-12-08 Isaac Junkie Records
10 Don't Say (Remixed) 6 audio iTunes 2008-07-01 Isaac Junkie Records
11 A Place (Remixed) 5 audio iTunes 2008-07-01 Isaac Junkie Records
12 Talking About Love / I'm Burning Up (Remixed) 7 audio iTunes 2006-12-08 Isaac Junkie Records
13 Something About You 8 audio iTunes 2013 Isaac Junkie Records
14 Breathing Love (Remixed) 9 audio iTunes 2014-01-27 Isaac Junkie Records
15 Don't Let Me Down (Remixed) 11 audio iTunes 2007 Isaac Junkie Records
16 The Essential 1998-2014 - Remixes & Rarities 35 audio iTunes 2014-06-09 Isaac Junkie Records

ISAAC JUNKIE Composer, singer and producer. A pioneer in electroclash music from Mexico. . HISTORY I’m Isaac Junkie. I’m a mexican musician, producer. I live in Mexico City and i have my own indie records (Isaac Junkie Records), the first dealing with eletropo records or similar. I have released eight albums, and the most recent is “Reconstruction” released by Mas Label and distributed by Universal Music. Its forthcoming release will happen the same day in Mexico, Columbia and Spain. “Reconstruction” is a double cd. Pre – production ‘s been made in Germany by Isaac Junkie and additionnal production by Peter Rainman (Camouflage, Erasure, Nun). “Reconstruction” is a kind of summary of the feelings i had then when i was alone in Spain, Usa or Germany all along my career. The album features 10 tracks an 5 new tracks, including four duets with Daniel wollatz (of Minerve), Max Demian ( Babylonia), Chris Anton ( Information Society), and encompasses a variety of musical generes. "Reconstruction"was wrote by Isaac Junkie and reworked throughout 2007 and 2008 in México city , Spain, Germany and France with Peter Rainman,who has also worked with Erasure, Moby, Camouflage and Depeche Mode in recent months. This album also includes a a cd bonus with exclusive remixes from Greece, Germany, France and Spain : Paul robb ( Information Society), Xavier Seuldman, Fortification 55, Illusion of light, lia Organa & Electric Price amaong many others. I wanted to celebrate my 10 years old career with this special edition, with those artists. In 2006 i promote my music in Berlin, Madrid and Barcelona. I appeared in the broadcast IPOP (TVE) ad played live on radio or in places such as Razzmatazz and “Club 8”. As i like collaboration with mexican artists or foreigners, iinvited them to sing or remix my songs, as i often do myself, singing or remixing other people. I’m very keen on the 80’s , especially electronic music bands such as OMD or The Human League. Therefore, my sound is inspired by this fantastic period, based on oscillators and analogic sounds. I play techno pop music with good melodies, using analogic synths or drum machines : Korg Ms 10, Roland SH-9, Roland TR-808, Moog prodigy.. (2007) At the end of 2007 i wrote, produced and released a limited edition of the single “I’m Lost in You” featuring Chris Anton, lead singer of Information Society with additionnal voices by me. It became a hit in Beat 100.9 fm’s Top Ten. Chris and I played live in Autumn this same year, in a club called Ultravioleta. We appeared in Camouflage’s unique show in Mexico, in first part of the set, in November, at the Mansion Club. (2008) I released a new album "Open your eyes" including collaboration with de Chris Anton on "Open your eyes" , "Thousand ways""and “I’m Lost in You” "", In february a song we made together with Mas Demian (Babylonia), "A place" entered the charts on Beat 100.9 fm and remained 11 weeks in a top ten featuring Tiesto, Paul van Dyk and Dash Berlin.. This radio added the song on a record called SECTOR BEAT 6, compiling the best songs of the period, played by various djs. This year i also worked again on a song called "La vida" with Frank from Beat and it entered the charts, remaining several weeks in the top ten. All my records have been reviewed and acclaimed by national press such as el Reforma, la revista Dj concept y Rolling Stone. To sum up things, Isaac Junkie has always meant impeccable production and songs. This new album updates the best moments of mexican and international synthpop music, as Isaac is one of the most creative artists of that scene. ISAAC JUNKIE REMIXES 2000 - 2008 Apart of his one songs, Isaac Junkie has remixed international artists such as PLacebo, Information Society, Camouflage, Spunky (Fangoria), La prohibida to name a few.

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