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Control C

Giancarlo Facchini & Marco Rugiati

Члены группы Control C: Giancarlo Facchini, Marco Rugiati

Дискография Control C:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Keep On Dancing 5 audio iTunes 2008-08-08 Logo Records (2)
2 Keep On Dancing 6 audio iTunes 2008-09-00 Logo Records (2)
3 Dance Forever 7 audio iTunes 2010-03-24 Inner Records

Control C project was born in January 2007, from the meeting of two producers: DJ Molla and DJ Marquis. The first single "Nes", published by Logo Records as all the subsequent works, is well reviewed by all the forums of the network and included in the compilation "Dance Passion Act 2". In November of the same year is published the second single, "Bang Bang", which also contains the bonus track "Io No". It obtained a great success as evidenced by the five weeks at No.1 on IDN chart and the inclusion in the compilations "Super Italia Vol 28", "Italo Mega Dance Vol 1" and "Jump Invasion Vol 1". Meanwhile, Control C are involved in the production of Luca Zeta's album ("Welcome To My World") with two songs - "Take Me" and "Oh L'Amour" - which are also remixed by Control C themselves. In 2008 the new version of "Io No", the G.A.S. Mix, is included in the prestigious compilation "Italo Fresh Hits 2008 2.0" and the new single "Keep On Dancing" (with the bonus track "Estate" which is the opening song of the compilation "Dance Passion Act 3") reached the first position in the bestseller chart of Juno Records. Meanwhile Control C developed other projects, like "2Minds" and "One Day". The first one is dedicated to jumpstyle remixes and with DJ Titti they wrote "Jump Or Rock" which is included in compilation "Jump Invasion Vol 2" as "My Beat" from "One Day" project with which they also are included in the compilation "Italo Fresh Hits 2009". Meantime they begin to take part at important dance events such as "Dance Passion Party" at Dehor (Brescia) where they play with Luca Zeta, Danijay and Alberto Remondini. Then they played at Café Atlantique in Milan and at Fura Club (Brescia). In 2009 they made several remixes such as "I Think Of You" for Reddj, "Sempre Con Me" for DJ Sanny J and "Shining Over Me" for Overland, whose release is expected for April 2009. Also in April will be released the new single "Tell Me (Where Is The Love)". During the next months they'll be engaged for the creation of the new single and of a remix for Luca Zeta.

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