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Piss On Authority

Также известно как: Piss On Authority, POA
Члены группы P.O.A.: Craig Batt, Jon (62), Mart (5), Pix-E, Russ (24)
Группа в интернете: https://www.facebook.com/POA2012, https://www.myspace.com/fearofwar08, http://soundcloud.com/piss-on-authority

Дискография P.O.A.:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 The Fear Of War 15 audio iTunes 1999-09-00 Blackfish Records
2 The Fear Of War 11 audio iTunes 2011 Not On Label (P.O.A. Self-released)
3 Fallacy 6 audio iTunes 2014-04-06

Hailing from Birmingham and forming in 1995, the original P.O.A. line up consisted of [a=Mart (5)] (Guitars), [a=Pix-E] (Drums) and [a=Jon (62)] (Bass) with second guitar duties going to Craig aka "[a=Wig (6)]" younger brother of Mart in '96. Although still a fledgling band, they amassed an impressive array of tracks, ranging from brattish, snot fused street punk to the jack boot stomp of the "Oi" sound, while the searing venom, which would later come to devastating fruition on "The Fear Of War" album, was already apparent to all who saw them live or heard any P.O.A. material around this time. In 1997, the band set about recording a batch of new tracks for a demo with the working title of "Chaos '97", many of the tracks from these studio sessions and rehearsals would eventually appear on their debut EP "Let 'Em Burn" (Released in '98 on Problem Child Records) and a successfull tour of germany followed. Upon returning from Germany, the band were then dealt a setback with the departure of guitarist Craig but were soon gathering momentum once again with the arrival of new guitarist Rez. Late 1998, and the band now enter the Jigsaw Studios to record their debut album "The Fear Of War" which was mixed by Tom Savage who yet further pushes the bands intensity to new levels with tight production work. Due to the volume of live dates the band had by now played, their sound had developed into a furiously tight, spiteful mix of brutishly raw Punk, Metal and Hardcore. The album was picked up by [a=Ian Glasper] and released through his "Blackfish Records" label in the September of 1999. The band split in 1999/2000 an following the demise of P.O.A, Mart went on to front [a=H8-Target] with Pix-E on drums. Which leads us to Part Two, with Mart now relocated in Bristol it seemed P.O.A. getting back together would never happen despite all parties showing interest. Then, Pix-E ends up in Bristol as well and the two intend to start jamming on a new project. Summer 2011 and Ian Glasper gets in touch regarding an interview with the band for his new book on '90s punk. Mart, Pix-E and Rez decide it's unfinished business and with Rez willing to commute, the reunion is almost complete. Sadly however, despite being keen on the idea, Perv decided he could not commit and reluctantly called it a day. Piss On Authority wasted no time in finding a replacement in the form of 'Skid', Mart's cousin. The band are currently writing new material with a view to record a new album in 2012 and started gigging again late 2011.

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