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Члены группы Farse: Adam Price (2), Adrian Preston, Chris Badham, Dan O'Connell, Ollie Patrick, Tom Whitehouse
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/farsefarse

Дискография Farse:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Boxing Clever 13 audio iTunes 2002 Moon Ska Europe
2 Means To An End 13 audio iTunes 2001-10-08 Sucka-Punch Records
3 Boxing Clever 13 audio iTunes 2002 Moon Ska Europe
4 Boxing Clever 15 audio iTunes 2013 Badfish Records

We started off in 1996, with just Ollie, Chris and Dan. We met at school, and made a well crap demo there that really does not exist anymore. At this time, Ollie played guitar as well as singing, but we got a guy called Tom Rose in to play guitar as well. We recorded a couple of demos with this line-up, and then Tom Whitehouse joined in 1998, a bit before we recorded Tenpin Tackle. At some of the live gigs, we got Dave Cattell of Spine fame to come and scratch his decks, he's also the one rapping on "You Are Nothing". Soon after this demo was recorded, both Dan and Tom Rose left, and Adam Price filled in on drums, (check out Adam in the upcoming tour, he's now the Harpies' drummer) and Ade came in on second guitar. This motley crew recorded 'Lack Of A Better Name' in 1999, but the line up was short lived as Spine, Adam's other band, got signed and meant he couldn't play any more. So, Dan decided to rejoin and it's been the same line-up ever since then. We recorded the 'Allstars' EP in March 2001, and Sucka-Punch records were interested. We recorded a few more tunes to make it into a full-length album, and this was put out on Sucka-Punch in October 2001 and is called 'Means To An End'. Around this time, we started touring around the place. We did a tour with spunge right after the album release, and followed that up with a mazin tour with the Mad Caddies in January 2002. We started writing more tunes after that, and got most of the 'Boxing Clever' material together over the summer. By this time, Moon Ska had heard some of our stuff and liked it, so we went into the DEP studios in Birmingham to record Boxing Clever for release on Moon Ska. After the release of the album in October 2002, we did a few more tours with Bowling for Soup, spunge, and even our own headline tour with support coming from Schism and some other bands that won a Kerrang competition. We haven't really done a great deal this summer (2003) other than keep up our day jobs to pay the rent - we seriously have never made a living out of the band. Anyway, cheers for reading this very short summary of a 7 year rollercoaster of fun, beer, biftas, gigs and stickers on boobs and cocks. We're touring soon, have a look at the gigs page for more information about dates and so on. Maaazin!

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