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Roberto Leal

António Joaquim Fernandes

Также известно как: Leal, R. Leal
Группа в интернете: http://robertoleal.sites.uol.com.br/

Дискография Roberto Leal:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Canta Portugal 4 audio iTunes 2008-06-10 Not On Label
2 Carimbó Portugês 12 audio iTunes RGE Discos
3 Roberto Leal Especial 21 audio iTunes 1984 RGE Discos
4 Rock Vira 12 audio iTunes 1977 RGE Discos
5 Lisboa Antiga 11 audio iTunes 1974 RGE Discos
6 Foi Preciso Navegar 12 audio iTunes 1982 Polygram
7 Roberto Leal 16 audio iTunes 1978 RGE Discos
8 Canções & Vida 43 audio iTunes 2011 Farol
9 Roberto Leal 12 audio iTunes 1975 RGE Discos
10 Roberto Leal 12 audio iTunes 1973 RGE Discos
11 Romantismo De Portugal 10 audio iTunes 1986 RGE
12 Roberto Leal 9 audio iTunes 1979 RGE
13 Alma Lusa 14 audio iTunes 2005 Som Livre
14 Minha Gente / Ai! Verdinho, Meu Verdinho / Bate O Pé / Canção Para Amália 4 audio iTunes 1976 RGE Discos
15 Roberto Leal 4 audio iTunes 1977 RGE
16 Minha Ilha - Hippie 2 audio iTunes 1977 Roda
17 Vamos Caminhar - Na Casa Da Mariquinha - Não Esconda Mais - Você Não Soube Amar 4 audio iTunes 1975 Roda
18 Raça Human Não Tem Cor 10 audio iTunes 1993 Ovação
19 Roberto Leal 12 audio iTunes 1977 Roda
20 Vozes De Um Povo 10 audio iTunes 1994 Ovação
21 Folclore I 19 audio iTunes 2003 Som Livre
22 Vol. 8 12 audio iTunes 1980 RGE Discos
23 Que Bela A Vida 4 audio iTunes 1982 RGE
24 Reencontro 12 audio iTunes 2002 Som Livre
25 Verde Gaio / Arrebita / O Vinho / As Pernas Da Carolina 4 audio iTunes 1976 RGE Discos
26 Minha Gente / Ai! Verdinho, Meu Verdinho / Bate O Pé / Canção Para Amália 4 audio iTunes 1976 RGE Discos
27 Bate O Pé 4 audio iTunes Roda

Roberto Leal, stage name of António Joaquim Fernandes, is a Portuguese-Brazilian singer, born in Macedo de Cavaleiros municipality, Braganza district, in northeast Portugal. He has sold more than 17 million albums, and has received 30 golden records and 5 platinum records. In 1962 his family moved to Brazil. Roberto Leal writes and produces most of his songs. Leal has a dynamic vocal range and is a great dancer. In an opinion poll conducted by Datafolha in Rio de Janeiro, asking what was the first famous Portuguese person people could think of, Roberto Leal came in first, with 15%, ahead of Pedro Álvares Cabral (9%) and Luís de Camões (4%). Some of Leal best known songs are: "Bate o Pé", "Clareou","O Vinho de Meu Amor", and "Marrabenta". Recently recorded a CD in Portuguese and Mirandese languages. His son, Rodrigo Leal, is also a musician.

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