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Isaac Chokwe

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/krookdthawarmonga, http://www.myspace.com/krookidd, http://www.facebook.com/krookd

Дискография Krook'd:

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Krook'd tha Warmonga a/k/a [a=Dick Smegma] is a hip-hop MC from Johannesburg, South Africa, considered to be one of South Africa's most dexterous word manglers, and is at the progressive helm of creative expression within the art form. Discovering hip-hop for himself back in 1986, Krook'd co-founded [a=Audio Visual], alongside [a=Snazz D] and [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Kaptin]Kaptin My Kap'n[/url] in 1996, as well as [a=Groundworks], another cult crew shortly thereafter. Two groups that have had a large impact on the southern African hip-hop scene, which were based out of Johannesburg and Cape Town. As one of the chief operatives of the [l=Concentration Camp] label imprint, Krook has been heavily involved in the South African hip-hop movement, as well as pursue a successful acting career. As Isaac Chokwe, he guest starred in SOS, a TV show on Etv where he played Dopey, and has since made numerous appearances in television and film, including a guest appearance in the 2001 film "Diamond Cut Diamond", which was directed by Darrell Roodt. In 2008 he Produced and Directed a series on SABC 1 called "Trace Your Roots", documenting Indigenous Knowledge Systems and African Cultural Practices to see how they apply to the Modern African. The series featured original music form the likes of [a=Ben Sharpa], [a=Raiko] and U.K's [a=Soweto Kinch]. It covered various themes such as the Story of Creation, Bantu Migrations, Lobola, Polygamy, The Great Goddess, African/Indigenous Medicine, Slave Names, Totems, Hair, Food, African Music and Mythology. March of 2010 saw Krook'd tha Warmonga on tour in the UK, performing at Jonzi D's The Surgery tour, alongside [a=Jonzi D], [a=Tha Hymphatic Thabs], [a=Gini Grindith], Omar Musa (from Australia) and DJ Psykhomantus.

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