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Manuel Sutil

Manuel Sutil

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/msutil

Дискография Manuel Sutil:

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Spanish drummer, he began at 15 founding "Dracma" with Alonso Gómez (guitar) and Pepe Balboa (bass). In 1979 creates "Rompehielo", with Juan Carlos Yack y Miguel Suárez, playing in Seville's pubs along with Pata Negra, Lole y Manuel, Alameda, Silvio, etc... About 1981 he enters "Bumbabumba", with Emilio Fernández (bass), Antonio M. Berlanga (guitar ) and Javier Fernández (guitar), playing jazz standards. This band would last, parallel with other groups, about 15 years. In 1981 he joins "Albahaca". In 1982 founds "Los Flotadores" with Miguel Angel Iglesia and Andrés Herrera. In 1983 plays in Pepa Montes's band (a flamenco dancer), playing indian tabla, with Ricardo Miño (guitar) and Gualberto (sitar). In 1984 ha joins "Dulce Venganza", recording “Los tortuosos senderos del amor”, in 1986. At the same time he plays in "Mala Sangre", a rock band. In 1991 he joins "Arrajatabla", with Raimundo Amador.

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