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Ricky Chopra

Ricky Chopra

Также известно как: Chopra, R. Chopra
Группа в интернете: http://www.rickychopra.com/DJ_Home.htm

Дискография Ricky Chopra:

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He started his DJ'ing career started back in 1986, where he played on Peoples FM. He went on to DJ at the countries first warehouse rave at Lee Film Studios, and began playing at many of London's early house nights in London including Fun City - Busby's, The Buzz Club - Tudor Rose, Ecstatic - Wag, and the Astoria. He still produces under numerous guises (Dumb Angel and Glitter Junkies). The offers came flooding and he soon found myself DJ'ing at some of the coolest clubs in the country - clubs like Ministry Of Sound and Cafe de Paris. However he moved up to Sheffield to attend University, but the decks soon called me back. Whilst at University he began to play at Sheffield's hottest nights including Love To Be, Old Skool, Kiss FM parties and even found time to DJ on Sheffield's most popular pirate radio station Dance FM. He has chosen to stay in Sheffield and has managed to bag some of the most prestigious residencies in town including Gatecrasher, Bed-Saturdays, Blessed, Bubblegum, S1 1DJ, and Slummin' at GC1.

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