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Evan Bartholomew

Evan Marc Bartholomew

Также известно как: Bluetech, E Bartholomew, Evan
Группа в интернете: http://www.evanbartholomew.com/, http://www.myspace.com/evanbartholomewmusic, http://www.last.fm/music/Evan+Bartholomew, http://chillbase.org/artists/edit-record/4-artists/54-evan-bartholomew.html

Дискография Evan Bartholomew:

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Evan Bartholomew is an American experimental downtempo electronic music producer based in Portland, OR. He is, however, better known as Bluetech, an alias which he uses for his psybient projects. ‘Prima Materia’ is his first album (under the Bluetech alias), which was released in 2003 under the ‘Waveform Records’ label. He has used the name Evan Marc for a number of tech house EPs, and a full length album entitled “Emotional Ecology”. However, in 8th May, 2007, he released his first album under his own name, titled ‘Borderlands’, from the ‘New Land Music’ label, which sees him moving away from the techno/tech-house sounds. The musical style he has used in this latest project of his can be described as a synthesis of neo-classical, ambient, minimal, IDM, digidub and psybient music. This was quickly followed by the release “Caverns Of Time” on his own Somnia record label.

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