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Moon (23)

Члены группы Moon (23): Mark Poole, Orville Wealle, Perry Kirk
Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/thebandmoon

Дискография Moon (23):

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Moon is a rock and roll band based in Morgantown WV. Formed in 1989 by Mark Poole. Prior to forming Moon, Mark Poole and Bill Sheeder played together in the long running WV band [a=63 Eyes]. Poole also played lead guitar on some of the legendary 45's by Mick Divvens' [a=Boys From Nowhere] in the late 80's. Moon's first Lp/Cd came out on [l=Skyclad Records] in 1990. Dilligent about the punk rock DIY work ethic, the band put together their own label/studio (Zone 8 Recording) around 1994 where they recorded their next two cd's "Get It Through Your Heart" and "Flight Logs". Mark Poole - guitar, organ, vocals Bill Sheeder - guitar, drums, vocals Clint Sutton - drums, percussion, vocals Billy Metheny - bass, vocals Woody O' Hara - percussion, vocals

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