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Elfezzani Olivier

Группа в интернете: http://www.soundcloud.com/ohmwerk, http://www.myspace.com/ohmwerk, http://www.facebook.com/ohmwerk

Дискография Ohmwerk:

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Ohmwerk started dabbling with production in 1997 with his brother Major Klemt. He favours a varied style of electro, producing mutant Dubstep in addition to making Dark DnB, Acid Rave and Experimental noise-beats. His current sound is camped within the grimey and techy bracket of Bass Music with hard,angular rhythms,twisted bass mechanics and dark atmospherics grindings. Supported by DJs across the board from Radio 1 (Mary Anne Hobbs), Dubstep and Brap FM (DVNT/Mantis Radio), Broken Note, AfterDark, Excision, Noiz, Stormfield, Rob Booth, Opti... ¤ Ohmwerk co-runs the Polygohm label with Major Klemt, stamping out a sonic footprint clearly their own. ¤ Ohmwerk played with Goth Trad, Zbigniew Karkowski, Julien Ottavi, Mick 'Scorn' Harris, Dj Hidden, Caspa, Enduser, Warlock, Venetian Snares, Plaid, Reso, Monster X, Major Klemt, Flatmate, High Tone, Greg G, Synaptic, Dublicate, M3t4, Led Piperz, Uzul Prod, Caterva, Paral.lel, Beature, Mac Koall, The Unik... ¤ Ohmwerk is is co-organizer of the event "Temple Of Bass" at Lyon (France) http://www.myspace.com/templeofbasss People that have played at Temple Of Bass : - Remarc (Suburban Base / Planet-Mu) [uk] - Broken Note (PeaceOff / Ad Noiseam) [uk] - Dj Hidden (Hymen / Ad Noiseam / Killing sheep) [nl] - Search and Destroy (Destructive / Pitch Black) [uk] - Reso (Storming Productions / Destructive) [uk] - Dj Narrows (Storming Productions / Heavy Artillery) [uk] - Warlock (Rag and Bones) [uk] - Ital Tek (Planet-Mu) [uk] - Led Piperz (Airflex Labs) [fr] - Grimelock (Stainage) [be] - Mc Jenny-K (Ego6) [uk] - Greg G (7Even / Basement Ltd) [fr] - Bioxyd (Puzzling) [be] - Flatmate (Ruff / Polygohm) [fr] - M3t4 (F4T / Polygohm) [fr] - Ohmwerk (Polygohm) [fr] - Major Klemt (Polygohm) [fr] - Mr Djé aka Spankbass (BeatShop / Ruff) [fr] - D-Wax (Animal Break) [fr] - Synaptic (Basement Ltd / Dubstep FR) [fr] - Caterva (Sens Inverse) [fr] - Dublicate (Music Export Lithuania) (lt) - Mac Koall (Red Volume / Sens Inverse) [fr] - Opti (Airflex Labs) [fr] - Perkid (Airflex Labs) [fr] - Beature (Sens Inverse) [fr] - Ill Tib (Sens Inverse) [fr] ...and many more...

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