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Apollo Diablo

Monametsi Nkhukhu

Группа в интернете: http://www.myspace.com/apollodiablothemayor

Дискография Apollo Diablo:

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Apollo Diablo was born in Francistown, Botswana, and grew up in Jwaneng (later dubbed J Mecca), a small mining town about an hour west of Gaborone into the Kalahari Dessert. In 1994 he started a rap group called "5th Generation" along with Tha Orakle, Feeno Shallah, Nytro & EQ. By 1998 Azziz, Illustrate & King Ming merged with 5th Generation, to form Uncanny Sessmen - a legendary group of MC's from Jwaneng. Later that same year, Apollo Diablo relocated back to Francistown, where he co-founded a mixtape series called "Cipher Divine" with Don The Icon, a producer from Zambia. Through Cipher Divine, Uncanny Sessman were able to release their first song called "Nutsack". By 2001, Apollo Diablo released an underground EP "Idioms", which he distributed and sold independently. Apollo Diablo spent much of his time in Johannesburg where he signed a record deal with Sinewave Productions. His track "Diablo" was well received and even got airplay on YFM. In 2004 he released his first single "The City Owes Me", as well as a single in his native language of Kalanga, called "Ikalanga Chedu". This was the first rap song in Kalanga. His long awaited debut album "Meaning Of Life" was released independently in 2005.

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