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Poor Old Ben

Al Johnson, Alistair Whitty, Callum Campbell, Iain Morrison

Дискография Poor Old Ben:

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Indie group from Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom. Active 2001 - 2005. Line up: Iain Morrison - Vocals, Guitar Alistair Whitty - Bass Callum Campbell - Drums Al Johnson - Keys Timothy Lessels - Guitar (2001 - 2004) Formed 2001 from the remnants of a band Morrison and Campbell were in on the Isle of Lewis. The band's first gig was at Adelaide's in Glasgow, and the band later released their debut album, Drawing Faces to Forget in 2003. Despite the critical acclaim of this album by Scotland's indie music press, the band's career was disrupted by the suicide of guitarist and fouding member Timothy Lessels on January 31, 2004. The band later signed to Electric Honey in 2004 and released a new version of their single "Another Day". Al Johnson joined in late 2004 and the band secured a publishing deal with Universal in 2005, after a name change to "Benjamin". The band broke up shortly after this, with Morrison and Whitty going on to form "Crash My Model Car".

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