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Prairie Ramblers, The

Также известно как: Prairie Ramblers
Члены группы Prairie Ramblers, The: Chick Hurt, Jack Taylor (4), Salty Holmes, Tex Atchison

Дискография Prairie Ramblers, The:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Honky Tonk Blues 4 audio iTunes Folk Music
2 Double Crossin' Daddy / Answer To I'll Be Back In A Year, Little Darlin' 2 audio iTunes Conqueror
3 Jesus Hold My Hand/How Beautiful Heaven Must Be 2 audio iTunes Columbia
4 I'm Looking For The Bully Of The Town / Ridin' Down The Canyon When The Sun Goes Down 2 audio iTunes 1936 Conqueror
5 When I Grow Too Old To Dream / Isle Of Capri 2 audio iTunes 1935 Conqueror
6 Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet / Down By The Old Mill Stream 2 audio iTunes 1936 Conqueror

American traditional country band, originally from Kentucky. The band was founded as "The Kentucky Ramblers", making their first public appearance in 1932. The original line-up included [a=Chick Hurt] (mandola, tenor banjo), [a=Jack Taylor (4)](bass), [a=Salty Holmes] (harmonica), and [a=Tex Atchison] (fiddle). The band's name was changed to "The Prairie Ramblers" when the band relocated to Chicago in 1933. They also recorded some risqué novelty songs under the pseudonym [a=Sweet Violet Boys]. The band has also recorded as [a=Blue Ridge Ramblers (2)]. [a=Allan Crockett] replaced Atchison in 1938; [a=Rusty Gill] replaced Holmes in 1942. [a=Wade Ray] joined the band ca. 1947 after Crockett died, and Ray was replaced by fiddler-guitarist [a=Wally Moore] in 1949. In 1956 Hurt and Taylor hired an accordionist, establishing [a=Stan Wolowic And The Polka Chips] (disbanded in 1960).

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