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Ustad Mohammad Omar

Также известно как: Mohammad Omar, Ustad Mohamed Omar, Ustad Mohammed Omar

Дискография Ustad Mohammad Omar:

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Ustad Mohammad Omar (1905-1980) was a Afghan folk musician and virtuoso of the [i]rabab[/i] which he helped turn into a respected classical solo instrument. He came from a family of musicians in Kabul where he began musical training at ten years old under his father Ustad Ibrahim who taught him to sing and play the [i]sarad[/i], [i]rabab[/i] and [i]dutar[/i]. At the age 32 he joined the staff of Radio Afghanistan and eventually rose to become the director of the National Orchestra of Radio Afghanistan for whom he composed over 100 melodies called [i]naghma[/i]. In 1974 Omar was awarded a Fulbright-Hays Foreign Scholar Fellowship to teach at the University of Washington in Seattle, becoming the first Afghan musician to teach his music and instrument at a major American university.

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