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Kent Heckman

Группа в интернете: http://www.redrockrecording.com, http://www.cloudsandclocks.net/interviews/Heckman_interview.html

Дискография Kent Heckman:

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Recording Engineer / Owner at Red Rock Recording Kent is well known for his acoustic jazz recordings, however he has recorded every style of music from hard rock to classical, country, bluegrass, big band, string and woodwind ensembles, opera, blues, children's music, contemporary pop, jingles, and voice-overs. Red Rock Recording was designed and built from the ground up, and is constantly undergoing updates and changes. The studio features a large, great sounding room, with several iso rooms, all with good sight lines to each other. Keyboard players appreciate the well-maintained Yamaha C-7F 7' 6" grand piano, vintage Wurlitzer, and the classic Hammond B-3.

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