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St. Paul's Cathedral Choir

Также известно как: Boys From St. Pauls Cathedral Choir School, Boys Of St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, The, Boys Of St.Paul's Cathedral Choir, The, Boys Of The St. Paul's Cathedral Choir, The, Choir Of St Paul's Cathedral, Choir Of St Paul's Cathedral, The, Choir Of St. Paul's Cathedral, Choir Of St. Paul's Cathedral, The, Choir Of St. Pauls Cathedral, Choir Of The St. Paul's Cathedral, The, Choristen Der St. Paul's Cathedral, Choristers of St Paul's Cathedral, Choristers Of St. Paul's Cathedral, La Chorale De La Cathédrale Saint-Paul De Londres, St Paul's Cathedral Choir, St. Paul's Cathedral Boys Choir, St. Paul's Cathedral Choir And Organ, St. Paul's Cathedral School Choir
Члены группы St. Paul's Cathedral Choir: Adrian Butterfield, Jeremy Budd, John Scott (10), Maurice Bevan, Patrick Craig (3)
Группа в интернете: http://www.stpauls.co.uk/Worship-Music/Choir-Musicians, http://www.ofchoristers.net/Chapters/StPauls.htm

Дискография St. Paul's Cathedral Choir:

# Название релиза Информация об aльбоме Купить альбом в iTunes Год издания Лейбл
1 Sherlock Holmes: Music From TV Productions 19 audio iTunes 1989 Musical Heritage Society
2 Christmas Carols From St. Pauls Cathedral 12 audio iTunes 1967 Music For Pleasure
3 Rejoice 12 audio iTunes 1980 K-Tel
4 My Way 2 audio iTunes 1979 Sound Records
5 Sherlock Holmes (Original Score From The Granada TV Series) 19 audio iTunes 2000-01-11 Jay Records (4)
6 I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing 2 audio iTunes 1979 Different (2)
7 Day By Day 2 audio iTunes 1971 Festival Records
8 War Requiem / Sinfonia Da Requiem / Ballad Of Heroes 15 audio iTunes 1991
9 My Way 2 audio iTunes 1979 Different (2)
10 Twelve Best-Loved Christmas Carols 12 audio iTunes 1967 Women Privilege Record
11 A Selection Of Music For The Royal Occasion 13 audio iTunes 1981 Cameo Classics (2)
12 Ave Maria 11 audio iTunes 1984 Philips
13 Ceremonial Tudor Church Music 21 audio iTunes 1970 Argo Records (2)
14 My Way 4 audio iTunes 1979 Sound (5)
15 The St Paul's Service (And Other Music By Herbert Howells) 12 audio iTunes 1988 Hyperion
16 I Have Surely Built Thee 2 audio iTunes Columbia
17 Carols At Christmas 14 audio iTunes Reader's Digest
18 The English Anthem Volume 5 11 audio iTunes 1995 Hyperion
19 Magnificat / The Falcon / Two Festival Anthems 5 audio iTunes 1991 Collegium Records
20 Christmas Music From St. Paul's And St. Mary's Cathedrals - England 10 audio iTunes

Choir of boys and gentlemen based in [l495179], its earliest records date from 1127. In 1872, the Cathedral appointed [a886267] as Organist. He proposed to found a choir of 40 boys and 18 men (or Vicars Choral), requested more rehearsal time for the Vicars Choral as well as a more professional approach altogether, thus sowing the seeds of today's musical tradition. The current Cathedral Choir consists of 30 choristers (boy trebles), eight probationers (who will become choristers) and 12 professional adult singers (or Vicars Choral): four altos, four tenors and four basses. [a959701] is its Director of Music since 2007. Former Masters of the Choristers include, amongst others, [a874475] (1534-1547), [a1590973] (1626-1642), [a1784822] (1687), [a1157619] (1687-1703), [a836445] (1704-1707), [a2730973] (1916-1927), [a1734638] (1936-1968), [a743753] (1977-1984) and [a838971] (1990-2004).

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