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Gary Cox

Gary Steven Cox

Также известно как: G. Cox

Дискография Gary Cox:

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Born: January 17, 1953 Arlington, Virginia Died: August 12, 2012 Bristow, Virginia Gary graduated from Herndon High School in 1971 and immediately pursued his passion to become a professional rock musician with the legendary power pop band Artful Dodger. He was instrumental in getting the band signed by Columbia Records on his first trip to NYC, and with the band, toured the United States playing to audiences alongside other major acts. In the 1987, Gary worked as a disc jockey for his own company; The Deejay Company for 14 years. Gary's ongoing interest in medicine and helping others led him to the Northern Virginia Community College where, in 1996, he achieved an Associate in Applied Science Degree, graduating Cum Laude, and in 1997 was licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia Board of Medicine as a Physical Therapist Assistant. Gary's entrepreneurial spirit directed him to a career as a Home Inspector where he spent the last decade of his life devotedly assisting people in their decision to purchase a home, while working for his own company, Proview Inspections, Inc. He loved his work. His music, gentle nature, and the kindness he expressed daily will continue to inspire for generations to come. He is survived by his wife, just short of 25 years, Candice A. Frisina-Cox and a daughter, Kaitlin Anna Lorraine Cox of the home. Gary is survived by his mother, Catherine B. Cox of Warrenton, two sisters, Karen M. Tallant and Andrea L. Brooks, both of Warrenton and a brother, William G. Cox III of Boyce, Va. His father, William G. Cox Jr., preceded him in death.

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