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Politisk Avfall

Члены группы Politisk Avfall: Finn Jøran Olsen, Gøril Vatshaug, Lars Nicolaysen, Marit Sjøvold, Morten Løvik, Roger Løvik, Skjit-Lars, Tor Raymond Olsen
Группа в интернете: http://www.rockheim.no/mediateket/biografier/politisk_avfall/

Дискография Politisk Avfall:

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Started as a hardcore punk band early in 1980 with this line up; Geir Løve (guitar), Morten Løvik (drums, later solo as [a1794636]), Roger Løvik (vocals) and Finn Jøran Olsen (aka Niff) (bass). They had their debut concert in March 1983, before Løve quit and was replaced by Tor Raymond Olsen (aka [a1006732]). After that they did several concerts until early August 1984. Among these are a concert as support for [a131370]. Before this concert they got [a1794038] and [a1794039] on backing vocals. Two tracks from this concerts can be heard on the compilation [r1174561]. [a264232] liked the band and offered them a tour in England as support for [a131370]. Since the drummer was only 14 years at the moment his parents said no. In August 1984 the drummer and both off the backing vocalists quit the band. Since they have said yes to play later that year, so they got [a665715] (aka [a76956]) on drums for a last concert.

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